About us

Scandinavia’s new brand

For all Scandinavian hunters and lovers of the outdoors.



The initiative behind the new Nordhunt brand was taken by hunters and outdoorspeople from Jaguar Group, the largest independent group of purchasers in hunting and outdoor life. The Nordhunt brand is built on more than twenty-five years of experience in testing the equipment on the market.

All these years we have faced the same dilemma: whether or not the product lives up to its promised function and quality. We want our customers to have everything they need for their adventures without having to question the quality level or if the product does what it promises. For this we created Nordhunt.



Nordhunt quite simply means better equipment at attractive prices. Already this summer the first items will appear in our stores, and in time we intend to offer a wide range of products. Nordhunt products have been selected and approved by experienced Scandinavian hunters and shooters with high standards of quality and functionality. The products are made to handle the variable Scandinavian climate and tough conditions. In short: We have selected a wide range of products of high quality and functionality for hunters, outdoorspeople and everyone else who loves being outdoors.